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CHARLTON HALL – Northumberland Wedding Venue

We’re so excited to announce that we have made it onto the recommended supplier list for Charlton Hall,  the new and exciting venue situated in Chathill, Alnwick.

Tucked away in the picturesque countryside, lies this 18th-century manor; the house that play with the rules.

Charlton Hall is a luxurious new wedding venue in Northumberland, also available for exclusive hire.

Set within a private 150-acre estate, Charlton Hall overlooks the coast at Beadnell Bay and offers exclusive hire with designer accommodation for the most luxurious stay away from home.

Made Simply Perfect can’t wait to offer styling & designs in line with the eccentric & quirky decor within Charlton Hall, it lets your imagination run wild to make a fun & stylish wedding day!

See what Made Simply Perfect had to say about the exciting news!

1. What were your thoughts when you were first introduced to Charlton Hall?

Wow!  This is going to be fun!  We are eagerly awaiting its completion knowing it is offering something different and very unique to Northumberland’s wedding venues, but I don’t think we could have imagined the finish would be so bold and interesting.  It’s colourful, vibrant and surprising.

2. How does Charlton Hall differ to the other venues that you work with?

The character!  The eccentricity and character sets Charlton Hall apart from other venues, It is guaranteed to provide more than one talking point among guests.  We think it’s really clever how the original features of the property have been married nicely with the modern and bold décor.  It is opulent, stunning and fun which offers couples the opportunity to have fun with their big day.

3. We all have a favourite room! What’s yours and why?

The Hall, leading to the landing.  Who doesn’t want to be greeted by the traditional features of the beautiful staircase, the old grandfather clock, and George the giraffe!?  It leads you nicely into the property and almost prepares you for what’s about to come.  After that it would have to be the drawing room.  Move over Vatican city, Northumberland too can offer eye catching ceiling art and combines it with the beautiful Northumbrian views.  We could go on and on…  there are too many!

4. How do you plan on marrying Charlton’s eccentricity with your own style?

We have always took great pride in our ability to capture the charm and character of the venues we work with, as well as the personality of our couples.  We are really looking forward to creating some new and exciting designs as part of this venture and adding them to our portfolio.  Our style is to capture the personalities and compliment the day, so we are preparing for bold colour with quirky designs and marrying them to the traditions of this beautiful Georgian home away from homes.

5. What drew you to working with Charlton Hall in the first place?

The people of course!  But after that, the opportunity to work with an exciting, different and unique new venue.

6. What are you most looking forward to about working together?

Working with an already award winning team at Charlton Hall, together our priorities are centred around our couples having the most amazing and memorable day.  Knowing that we can offer this to our clients is what we look forward to, and get the most satisfaction from.

7. How does it feel to be one of our recommended suppliers?

We’re honoured and excited.  We work very hard to make sure we deliver “Simply Perfect” products and services and to know this has been recognised makes all that effort worthwhile.  You have set yourselves apart with Charlton hall and so to be recognised as one of your favourites speaks volumes and makes us very proud.

8. Walk us through your process! What makes you, you?

There’s nothing we can’t do!  But seriously…our process always begins and ends with our clients.  From first meeting with our couples we listen and from there we help them create their perfect day, and it’s the attention to detail that we feel is important and sets you apart.  Creatively we keep an open mind and because we offer a full range of wedding services, from stationary to flowers & full venue styling, we can carry that creativity throughout their experience from initial invitations to their Grand Finale.

9. We’re usually unusual. Why not share an unusual fact about yourself?

Some might say it’s unusual for a mother and her three daughters to be in business together.  We all have completely different strengths and it just works.  Also, as we are described as the “Simply Perfect Girls” we often imagine ourselves as Made Simply Perfect caped crusaders on the streets of Northumberland fighting crime against bad design 😊

10. Anything exciting you want to share with everyone?

We have been awarded the Wedding Venue Stylist of the year 2018, by the Wedding Industry Awards.  As well as our wedding services we offer our customers luxury gift hampers, showcasing the finest Northumbrian products.  We were extremely excited to be asked to provide one of our picnic hampers for the Royal Wedding on the 19th May, bringing a piece of Northumberland to Windsor. Read all about it at

Check out Charlton Hall and all it has to offer at

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