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At Made Simply Perfect we understand the importance of your brand values and its association with your clients and your employees. Every penny spent in marketing must reflect this brand, reinforce its values, and leave that memorable wow factor in the recipient’s mind. We have created the Made Simply Perfect B2B approach, as branded mugs and pens don’t do enough to capture the values or characteristics of our clients, and we felt the essence was missing. Our B2B team of designers have 45 years corporate marketing experience between them, and will upon engagement enable the capturing of your company’s character, and design a solution that delivers WOW. Our range of B2B products & services provide you with an, “off the shelf” option, unique and recognised as having made an effort to capture the event, achievement or relationship you are celebrating.

Made Simply Perfect are very proud of our beautiful region of Northumberland, and all of our products & services reflect the same pride and spirit of our county.   Beautifully presented, with genuine care and attention to the finer detail. This creativity and quality is what sets our gifts apart from that of the traditional hamper.

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It can be challenging to get the right gift. The one that clearly demonstrates your appreciation. Our range of luxury gift hampers make a wonderful choice, for every occasion. Whether for your employees, or your customers, our unique gift hampers are sure to delight any recipient.

Our range offers an extensive selection available to order immediately, however should you decide you would like something more personal to you, or your company then we would be delighted to bespoke your gift choice. We are always keen to hear our customer’s ideas.

Selections are, but not limited to the below:

  • Employee Reward
  • Client, and Employee Gifts
  • Sales Incentives
  • Thank You Gifts
  • Competition Prizes
  • Brand Promotions
  • Marketing Initiatives & Events
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Parting Gifts
  • Maternity 

Personalised Finish

All of the Made Simply Perfect selection can be designed to include your company branding and identity, and the inclusion of a personalised message. We understand that the finishing touches make the gift special, and we want to leave the recipient thinking about your company.

Holiday north east england


Do you have a holiday home, hotel, or guest house, and are looking for the perfect welcome hamper for your guests? Something that will truly leave an impression on them, and also reflects our North of England character and charm? We are so proud of the North and we make it our mission to source as many local, exciting and delicious foods and treats as part of our range.

We understand that when your customers holiday with you, this is crucial leisure time for them to relax, unwind, and enjoy. We want to enhance that experience by adding a touch of indulgence to impress, and leave them remembering you for your exceptional hospitality.


Want to stock Made Simply Perfect Gift Hampers?

We are always looking for new outlets and partners to stock our range of gift hampers. If you are interested in understanding what we can offer, please email us your enquiry


Free Consultation Service

Made Simply Perfect will offer a consultation service to help you design your perfect gift hamper.


Want to become a Made Simply Perfect venue of choice?

Made Simply Perfect are always working hard to offer value to the venues we work with. We want to enhance your reputation for wedding & event services, in a today’s competitive market.

We believe that customers would like the convenience of inclusive packages from their chosen venues, without the limitations and restrictions that are often placed upon them. This leaves them limited in choice, which often deters them from buying extended services from your venue. We believe that a partner should work in conjunction with your venue, offering your customers the same choice they would have, if they explored a wider number of companies. Removing the time and stress involved, and making the experience of working with your venue, even more of a pleasant one.

Leaving customers with a positive and memorable experience of both your venue, and Made Simply Perfect. All without the extra work, as these extended services will be handled by the Made Simply Perfect team. It’s a win, win!


Free Consultation Service

Made Simply Perfect will offer a consultation service to help you design your perfect event.


Corporate Event Dressing

Let us help you create the perfect event with our extensive selection of products & services, to dress your venue.   We understand the uniqueness of our client’s venues, and how they want to stand out from that of their competitors. Understanding the character of the venue, and aligning that to the nature of the event, is why Made Simply Perfect is the ideal choice of partner. We have proudly gained a reputation for amazing our clients beyond their expectations.

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